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I remember when I first talked to Rachel about her Costa Rican wedding last year, and I was SO SO SO excited to get back down to CR, I could seriously hardly contain myself! I LOVE it there, I mean L.O.V.E. it in Costa Rica! Its amazing, and if you’ve never been, you need to book your tickets NOW and find a way to stay there! Its out of this world. The locals are amazing, and so kind, there is so much to do, see and explore! While I was there with my friend, Kayla, we hiked to a gorgeous waterfall, rode ATVs, raced ATVs (haha) rode through rivers, took a private boat ride out to a secluded island, zip-lined through the jungle, took a million pics of the sweet monkeys, relaxed on the beach, and swam in the ocean in the rain. Its perfect there, Im telling you!

Anyway, ha! Back to this rad engagement session we did for Jason & Rachel! Since we already photographed them in VB earlier in the year, this was a quick e-session just to capture some of the beauty of the land. As you can see, it looks like I visited where they filmed Jurassic Park. I joked about that the whole time we were shooting, haha. Also, you’ll see at the very end of the session, a HUGE HUGE wave came, pretty much crashed into my couple, and then me, and THEN we were done hahahaha. It was AWESOME! GAH! I cant wait to go back! Enjoy this wonderful, tropical engagement session, ya’ll! xo



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